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senior care, 善頤,護老院,安老院,老人院,長者, elderly, elderly home

Residential Care Service

Treat you as parents with loving heart

Serve you as professional with tender care

Elderly Home Service

You have contributed throughout your life. Now, it is time to relax, live well, and know Senior Care is with you every step of the way.


​Senior Care Group is dedicated to providing high standard residential and individualized nursing care for the elderly in Hong Kong. We offer specialized care programs that fit individual's physical, social, psychological and rehabilitation requirements.
The tenet of Senior Care is to improve the quality of life for our elderly residents and maximize their potential to live a full life.

Senior Care emphasizes human-oriented services as well as the physical, mental, social and spiritual needs of residents. To expand the social network and promote social inclusion among the residents, we endeavor to bring various social and recreational activities that fill the home with laughter and happiness.

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