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Christmas Carols and Christmas Feast

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

To increase the festive atmosphere of our home, Senior Care Wellness Elderly Home specially arranged two organizations (**see the remarks) to hold two "Christmas Carols" events for residents and their family members at the afternoon on 21st December 2023 (Thurs) and 23rd December 2023 (Saturday).

Before the event on 23rd December 2023 (Sat) (11:30 am to 1:30 pm), Senior Care Wellness Elderly Home will host a "Christmas Feast" event. We sincerely invite all family members to attend and interact with residents and staff for celebrating Christmas together.

14 December 2023

** Remarks

Introduction to performing organizations:

1.) Hong Kong Light & Love Home

Founded in 1983, Hong Kong Light & Love Home was established by a group of enthusiastic Christians with a mission “To serve the community and to proclaim the gospel.” At first, it was a non-profit private elderly hostel to serve the elderly in need in the society. Today, Light and Love Elderly Hostel has been developed as a care and attention home funded by the Community Chest. In addition, Light and Love Home's work is gradually extending to be multi-service.

2.) Lai Cho Tin Memorial Music Development Association

Lai Cho Tin Memorial Music Development Association was established in 1996 by the students and friends of Mr. Lai Cho-tin (1921-1994), one of Hong Kong’s most respected composers and music directors. Lai Cho Tin Memorial Music Development Association was registered as a charitable institution. The Association has a choir. The choir also seeks out members with better skills to form groups, quartets, etc. for training and improving the individual and group musical accomplishments of the members. The Association has also established a "Charitable Fund" to raise funds for sponsoring the tuition fees of students in mainland China.

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