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A Team of Nurses, Social Workers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Health Workers and Personal Care Workers

Multi-disciplinary team provides a tailor-made Individual Care Plan (ICP) for each of our residents for the needs of nursing care, rehabilitation, social interaction, counselling service and daily living support.

Registered / Enrolled Nurse

​Leading well-experienced Health Workers and Personal Care Workers to provide professional and tender care services to every resident.

  • Wound Care

  • Nasogastric tube feeding

  • Urinary Catheter Care

  • Peritoneal Dialysis

  • Stoma Care

Registered Social Worker

Social Workers focus on the psychosocial and welfare needs of each resident.

  • Case work

  • Group work

  • Support on application of welfare services

  • Enquiries on subvented & non-subvented residential care services

Registered Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist provides professional assessments and cooperates with assistants (PTA) to carry out various therapies to residents, aiming to improve mobility as well as self-caring ability

  • Mobility & self-caring ability assessment

  • Fall risk assessment

  • Stroke, chronic pain and post-surgery rehabilitation

  • Chest Physiotherapy

  • Daily group exercise

  • ​Consultation & Procurement of rehabilitation equipment


Registered Occupational Therapist

Improving cognitive & self-caring ability is the main goal of therapy. In addition to relevant assessment, Occupational therapist cooperates with the assistants (OTA) to provide various case and group therapies to residents,

  • Cognitive & self-caring ability assessment

  • Preliminary assessment on swallowing

  • Reality Orientation and cognitive training

  • Reminiscence

  • Multi-sensory therapy

  • Training on self-caring ability

  • Consultation & Procurement of rehabilitation equipment

Visiting Service for Residential Care Homes

  • Private Visiting Medical Officers (VMO)

  • Community Geriatric Assessment Teams (CGAT)

  • Psychogeriatric Assessment Team (PGT) from Kwai Chung Hospital

  • Community Nursing Service

  • ​Visiting Speech therapy service

  • Outreaching dental service for elderly

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