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Let's Dance!!

From February to June 2023, Senior Care Wellness Elderly Home encouraged residents to join the “Post-COVID-19 Syndrome Support Services Scheme”, sponsored by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and organized by Evangelical Lutheran Church Hong Kong, ELCHK, Multi-disciplinary Outreaching Support Team for the Elderly. During the scheme, our home staff, the social workers and therapists from ELCHK gathered to work out with our residents every day in order to improve their strength and health.

Some home residents and their family members even won a trophy in the “Sitting Dance Competition” by submitting their dancing video to ELCHK Multi-disciplinary Outreaching Support Team. This services scheme facilitated our residents to connect with different stakeholders of the community, empowering them to enjoy a fruitful life after retirement.

11 August 2023

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