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Senior Care Wellness Grand Opening Ceremony

“Senior Care Wellness Elderly Home”, the new residential care home for the elderly owned by Senior Care Group in Yuen Long, was granted an operating licence on 23 November 2022 and a grand opening ceremony was held on 9 December. During the opening ceremony, Mr. Leo Lam, the Director and the General Manager of Senior Care, expressed his gratitude to honourable guests and hoped “Senior Care Wellness” would inspire other operators in the region, residents would have appropriate care services and their family members would appreciate the services. Around a hundred of guests including friendly operators, business partners and stakeholders celebrated with us on that day demonstrating their great support to Senior Care Group and Senior Care Wellness.

“Confucianism emphasizes benevolence, and filial piety is the foundation of benevolence. Advocating loving others as oneself begins with family affection”

Senior Care Elderly wholeheartedly thanks for the blessings from everyone. In the future, we will do our very best to expand our business for providing services to the elderly in need of care. 10 December 2022

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